Web Design

The online market place has matured. Most businesses now have some sort of Internet presence and they are looking to make their web site work harder.

It is not enough now to simply translate your brochure into a set of web pages. A web site must have a clearly defined purpose, be written for the customer to read on a screen, and be search engine friendly – if you want people to find it.

There’s a lot to think about, and it’s worth considering the following before paying out for a redesign.

What will you use your web site for?

  • An online presence to support and reinforce your tradional marketing
  • A tool to provide electronic brochures and literature (saving money on printing and postage)
  • Online Shop
  • Availablity Checking / Taking Bookings
  • Customer Support Service

How will you market your web site?

  • Incorporate your URL into all correspondance and promotional material
  • Market the site in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN
  • Permission based email marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

If you are interested in promoting your site in the search engine’s it is important you specify this at the design stage, to ensure the site is built using technology which maximises your chances of reaching the top 10 search results. Click here for more information on search engine positioning.

Who is your target audience?

  • Businesses
  • Consumers
  • UK only or Worldwide

Web sites written for corporate markets require a different voice to those written for consumers. By getting the voice right on your site, you will build trust – leading to increased enquires and sales.

What added value are you giving the customer for visiting your web site?

  • Free background information and White Papers
  • Instant service
  • Free customer support
  • Discussion Forums

Why should visitors return regularly to your site?

  • Regular content updates
  • Monthly articles or newsletters
  • Special repeat visit offers and promotions

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